Report an Incident

Emergency help

We may be able to help in an emergency which places records at imminent risk of damage or destruction. Our Office may be able to visit and provide advice on disaster response or useful contacts. Please call us on 03 6165 5581.

Incident notifications

Complete the form below to tell us about critical incidents and natural disasters affecting your records including:

  • data breach (unauthorised access to records)
  • loss or damage (such as theft, vandalism or missing records; fire, flood, mould, rodent infestation, etc)
  • unauthorised destruction or disposal of records (for example, human or system failure resulting in records destroyed before retention period, records abandoned in empty offices, etc).

Where possible, provide any internal reports and photos.

The State Archivist may need to approve a Destruction Authority for damaged records, for example water or mould damaged records. Completing our incident report form give us information we need to complete the Authority.

Download the form

Download a Word version of the Incident Register Form here. Email the completed form along with any supporting evidence to