Retention and Disposal

Current disposal freezes

The Tasmanian Government Commission of Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was announced on 23 November 2020. Our records retention notice is below.

There are several local and national investigations, inquiries and Royal Commissions in progress. All records relevant to investigations, inquiries and Royal Commissions must be preserved until the inquiry and any subsequent actions are completed.

Please note that disposal freezes override authorised Disposal Schedules.

Current record retention notices
How do I get a Destruction Authority?

Records not described in a disposal schedule are called unscheduled (or non-scheduled) records. Unscheduled records include all records created before 1960. To destroy unscheduled records, you need to apply for a destruction authority. This is a one-off authorisation from the State Archivist that allows you to destroy unscheduled records.

You may also need to apply for a destruction authority for damaged records.

How to develop a disposal schedule

Please contact us (see link below) for information on how to develop a disposal schedule.

About Retention and Disposal Schedules

Retention and Disposal Schedules ensure that records of continuing value to the public and the government are accessible for appropriate lengths of time. Authorised Disposal Schedules are one way of managing routine disposal of short term or temporary value records, without the need to repeatedly seek authorisation from the State Archivist.

Schedules may be developed specifically to meet the unique requirements of an organisation (functional), to meet the needs of a particular industry (sector), or ‘general’ in their application (approved for use by all organisations).

Organisations who do not have a current Disposal Schedule should contact us (see link below).

Contact us for more information.

Current authorised Disposal Schedules

wdt_ID Sector Controlling Agency RDS No. Name Status Issue Date Last Update
1 All DA2135 Training records of government Registered Training organisations Requires Review 30/11/2002 30/11/2002
2 All DA2158 Short Term Value Records Current 31/08/2003 30/06/2009
3 All DA2339 Functional Records of Ministers of the Crown Current 29/12/2009 29/12/2009
4 All DA2157 Common Administrative Functions Under Review 29/08/2003 26/05/2014
5 All DS2101 Tasmanian Electoral Commission (Electoral Records) Current 13/11/2001 31/01/2013
6 All DA2437 Administrative records of Inter-Governmental Agencies Current 17/04/2014 04/03/2015
7 All DA2159 Source Records Current 29/08/2003 10/08/2012
8 All DA2520 Records Relating to Child Abuse Current 12/12/2019 12/12/2019
9 All DA2532 Records COVID-19 Disease Emergency Records Current 23/07/2020 18/05/2021
10 All DA2508 Statutory Governing Bodies Current 12/02/2021 22/02/2021
Sector Controlling Agency RDS No. Name Status Issue Date Last Update