Information Management Foundations

The 5-minute video has been created to provide introductory information management training for all Tasmanian Government personnel.

5, 10 and 30 minute training plans

The 5 minute plan includes the video and reflection.

The 15 minute plan includes the video, group discussion and conclusion.

The 30 minute plan includes the video, individual reflection, group discussion, individual goal setting activity and conclusion. You can customise the group discussion to suit your organisational priorities

Further training

If you are planning to do more extensive training, you may want to use some of your organisational resources:

  • information and records management policy and procedures for all staff including:
    • approved records systems
    • naming conventions
    • records responsibilities
    • where to go for further information
  • policy and procedures for the information and records management team including:
    • access
    • disposal
    • classification
    • metadata
    • incidents (eg data breaches, floods etc)
    • physical storage
  • general information including:
How to personalise the video by adding slides and audio

This section contains suggestions to modify the training and provides links to resources (transcript file and PowerPoint below). The images in the PowerPoint should be arranged to suit your needs and may be replaced with relevant images specific to your organisation.

You could change the video by:

  • adding team contacts on slide 20, ‘Information management team contacts’
  • adding a slide after slide 6 ‘What is information management?’ with organisation-specific examples of records
  • adding a slide after slide 10 ‘Legislation’ with legislation or industry standards that impact your organisation
  • adding a slide after slide 12 ‘Good information management practices’ with examples you’d like your staff to focus on

We suggest duplicating slide 20 if you have lots of text to add. Remember to remove the audio file.

To add your own audio file, use these Microsoft instructions. Select the following settings:

  • Playback, Audio options: ‘Hide during show’
  • Animations, Timing, Start: ‘With previous’

If you do not add an audio file, you will need to change the advance slide settings. Under Transitions, Advance slide: change ‘After’ to the length of time you want the slide to display on screen.

Transcript Word PDF

PowerPoint presentation (no embedded videos, contains audio and images) pptx (45,107 KB)


To avoid issues, check using ‘run slide from current slide’ after any changes.

  • Volume problems on voice overs? Hover over grey voice file to check file volume.
  • Text animations out of sync with voice files? Redownload PowerPoint file or alter using ‘Animations’, ‘Animations pane’.

For other issues, check Microsoft support for possible solutions.

Training and session plans

The 5, 15 and 30 minute eLearning training and session plans may be downloaded here