Transferring records

Transfer of Records to Tasmanian Archives

Permanent records should be transferred to the Tasmanian Archives when business use ceases.

You may make an application for early transfer of a particular group of records. For example, in the event of government administrative change or if you are moving offices at short notice. Contact us for appraisal.

Digital records are transferred on a hard drive, please contact us to discuss. Paper records for transfer must be packed in archival quality acid-free boxes or other suitable packaging so that they will have the best protection against deterioration. Archival quality boxes and folders to house a range of record formats can be obtained from specialist suppliers.

Please complete an Application to Dispose of State Records (AOT48) form and return via email

Transfer of Custody and Ownership

You need to formally transfer custody and/or ownership of records to organisations that have taken responsibility for the function through:

  • government administrative change
  • restructure
  • privatisation
  • outsourcing
  • other business change.
Transfer of Custody

A Transfer of Custody is an authority from the State Archivist allows records to be transferred between government organisations.

Government administrative change can cause amalgamations or functions to be transferred between Tasmanian government organisations. If the enabling legislation and/or administrative orders includes records, you don’t need to do anything. However, if records aren’t included, please contact us and apply for a Transfer of Custody.

Transfer of Ownership

A Transfer of Ownership is an authority from the State Archivist that allows records to be transferred outside Tasmanian government control. Examples when this may happen include:

  • transfer of a function from the Tasmanian government to the Commonwealth
  • privatisation of a function to a private provider
  • transfer of records to a local non-government organisation, such as a local history society.

If the enabling legislation and/or contract doesn’t clearly include records, please contact us and apply for a Transfer of Ownership.

If your organisation is being privatised, we’ll help you identify the:

  • records to transfer to the succeeding organisation
  • permanent records to transfer to the Tasmanian Archives
  • temporary records not required by the succeeding organisation to transfer to Treasury.

Accessing records from our collections

Government organisations may access or retrieve records they have transferred to the Tasmanian Archives.

Contact the Tasmanian Archives for information on procedures.