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Australasian archives and records organisations

A range of recordkeeping resources are available in other jurisdictions. These resources may provide useful references for Tasmanian government organisations, but should not be implemented before contacting us to ensure that they meet Tasmanian legislative and policy requirements. Please contact us to discuss any materials sourced from our counterparts before use.

Specialist Suppliers


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Vendors are listed in alphabetical order. Note that OSA claims no affiliation with any of the companies listed.

wdt_ID Vendor Services
1 Acrodata Digitisation, Migration as a Service, Document Access, Records Management as a Service, and Back-Up as a Service. They also provide restoration services such as dealing with mould. They may provide other disaster management services.
2 Em Dash Consulting Digital strategies, Information management advice, and implementation planning
4 Emma Savage Develops practical approaches to managing information resources, lifecycle information management, innovative digital collaboration and developing and working within records policy
5 Ezescan Digital transformation of paper-based business processes to automated digital workflows
6 FYB Document scanning and digitisation, eDiscovery, eHistorical Archives, email management, image management, incoming mail processing, information, document and records management security, legal matters and complaint management
7 Grace Information Management On-site stored document destruction, off-site stored destruction, and secure chain of custody
8 Information Management Group Storage – backup media and cloud backup, conversion of documents to digital formats, and scan-on-demand
9 Recordkeeping Innovation Management of record detention and disposal rules, classification schemes, taxonomies, metadata schemes, M365 Design and Governance services, and records and information management frameworks including policies, procedures, guidelines and more
10 Redman Solutions Work with organisations to streamline processes (includes tech solutions), scanning, digitisation, and meeting solutions
11 Synercon Group Software, professional services (metadata management, business language, data architecture and modelling, etc.), training, and information governance
Vendor Services